About us

Yes, we are nuts about macadamias! 

Since being founded in 1975 we have been sharing our love for the great Australian macadamia with the rest of the world. From humble beginnings on a small farm in New South Wales we have steadily grown to now offering the largest range of chocolate covered macadamia confectionery in the world. 

Inspired by the culture and the flavours of Australia we continue to create and share ever more exciting and authentic products with the rest of the world. 

Continuing the Australian tradition

Patons Macadamia continued this tradition of travel gifting with its chocolate covered macadamia confectionary. 

As an Australian owned company we source quality Australian produce and proudly make our products locally in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Patons, the brand, is synonymous with chocolate macadamias, indulgence and travel. Servicing the travel retail and Export market for more than 40 years with chocolate coated nut confectionery, savoury nuts and chocolate souvenir packs.

A focus on flavour and taste

In 2015 Patons acquired The Gourmet Nut Company and have become the nut coating specialists in:

  • Chocolate coated confectionery

  • Industrial gourmet nut ingredients

  • Bulk nut snacks

Along with The Gourmet Nut Company expertise, Patons have new capabilities of fusing together great local produce with Australian food trends to create exciting new flavours and products of the highest quality.

Download the full company profile here:

Patons Macadamia Corporate Profile Patons Macadamia Corporate Profile (976 KB)