The Gourmet Nut Company

The Gourmet Nut Co is Australia’s nut flavour roasting specialists and offer a range of world inspired sensational flavours which are baked and roasted onto any type of nut.

The nut roasting specialist

The Gourmet Nut Co flavour-roast any type of nut - whole, diced, sliced, slivered or pieces by coating them with our unique process, which bakes on delicious flavours.

We are known to develop new flavours continuously and cater for the health conscious consumer with Gluten, Cholesterol and Trans Fat free product options.

More than just flavoured nuts

Unlike plain nuts, which are popular inclusions in many food products, The Gourmet Nut Co range of sensational flavour-roasted nuts offer some distinctive benefits for food ingredient customers.

•             Our products do not stick or clump – important for smooth production processing

•             Our product provides a baked on coating – less likely to go soft in wet applications

•             We flavour roast onto any style nut: whole, diced, flaked and/or pieces to suit your application

•             Our products are Gluten, Cholesterol and Trans Fat Free and use all natural ingredients

Our sensational world-inspired flavours can be the ingredient that sets your product apart from the everyday.


We draw upon years of expertise to produce the most delicious, roasted, panned or enrobed nuts, seeds, fruits and grains of all types and sizes. Choosing the right company to make your concept a reality is an important decision. That is why we will do everything possible to help you in this process.

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