Please find all important information about the Patons and Suncoast Gold brand here. 

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  • How can I range Patons and Suncoast Gold products in my store?


    We are always happy to welcome new customers who like to range our products. Please contact our Sales Team for further information.

  • Where do you source your macadamia nuts from?


    We currently source most of our macadamia nuts from several different farms in the Australian rainforest regions.

    With the macadamia nut being indigenous to Australia, the soil has just the right mix of nutrients and the warm climate makes it the perfect environment for the trees to grow in.

    With the investment in research and development over the last 20 years, Australia is at the forefront of what has become a vibrant global industry.

    All our products are Australian Made.

  • How do you pollinate your macadamia trees?


    The macadamia flowers on the trees are pollinated by Bees. Half of the macadamia farmers need to bring in Bees to pollinate, where the other half is depending on the climate and conditions to bring in bee’s naturally. These same bees brought in, also produce honey, which we then use on our Suncoast Gold honey roasted macadamia nuts.

  • Are any pesticides used in the macadamia nut growing process?


    No, most of our macadamia growers are committed to clean, green production and the world’s best practice farming methods to help create a sustainable future. The introduction of the Trichogramma wasp, now used by almost 70% of our farmers, has helped contain an 8% loss to nut borer and led to a dramatic reduction in the use of chemical sprays over the last decade.

    For more information about Biological control, please visit the Australian Macadamia Associations (AMS) website.

  • Where can I find Paton Yarns products and patterns?


    Please note, that due to a high frequency of questions regarding Patons Yarns, we advise you that we are not the same company and that you please visit their website for further information on their products.


Store Location

  • Where can I purchase your products?


    You can find our Patons macadamia products in most Duty Free shops at the international airport terminals throughout the world and in selected metropolitan gift shops around Australia.

    A selected range of products are also available in Australian supermarkets.

    If you are looking for our Suncoast Gold macadamia product range, please refer to our Store Locator page for more details.

  • Am I able to purchase your products in person from your Knoxfield address?


    Patons doesn’t offer the option of onside purchases in Knoxfield any longer.

    Instead we have set up an Online Shop for the convenience of our customers. You will find most of the Patons and Suncoast Gold products here.